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Carne 250 – Curbside Menu 

Pre-orders due each week by Noon on Wednesday at Pick-up Thu/Fri 3 – 7 PM or Sat 12-7PM.

Some items are available each week for walk-up service in limited quantities.

Brisket – $22/lb

Pulled Pork – $16/lb

Spare Ribs – $24/rack

Cheddar-Jalapeño Sausage – $5 each


Mac con Queso – $8/pint

Ancho Slaw – $6/pint

Green Chile Elote – $10/pint

Charro Beans – $8/pint


To order: Call 678-878-3038 during business hours or email

Please call 678-878-3038 thirty minutes before pick-up to provide payment over the phone.

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